Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sister Naturist My Sister Is Naturist?

My sister is naturist? - sister naturist

My whole family belongs to the same community respectively. My father died in a car accident. I lived with my mother and my sister. My sister is older than me. The problem is that my sister is a nudist. He also spoke with my mother, but my mother shocked and never gave permission. Desider but last week, and started as a nudist, and hear about my mother. I feel very uncomfortable with my sister, I do not see entire regions. I think I'll go crazy. What should I do? (Sorry, my English is very bad)

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  1. Well, tell your mother to tell her sister that she (the mother), respecting the house and all the rules! if they (his sister) wants to go naked, it's time you found a house!

    and that a nude is nude does not just walk around the house. It should also reduce the use of stove, refrigerator, hot water and all this technology, and eventually, it does not stop at all.

    and we will see, what did your sister! We'll see how he is intelligent and he knows how to make a''''! Nudist